The Game of Struggle: First Roll

shutterstock_398418100Congratulations. You are in the vast majority of people who did not spin the magical ten 1s in a row necessary to be placed on the privileged track in The Game of Struggle. Welcome to the club. Most people in the world are here.

We’ll start off your first roll with leaving college. You are already fairly privileged to even be in that position, but we wanted the game to be at least a little fun. Your degree cost you $100,000, and your student loan servicer expects payment within six spins. But that’s Future You’s problem. Enjoy this spin while you have it.

You advance two spaces, and you get to see what your latest life event is. The card reads “Your car needs a new engine. Pay $2,500 for a new engine, or take out a loan for a new car.” Your student loan balance hovers over you like the foreboding storm cloud it is. So, you decide to add $2,500 to it rather than the $20,000 it would take to buy a new car.

At least you have your shiny new college degree. It had better be pretty shiny for $100,000. Unfortunately, the rules of the game state that you can’t get a job for at least ten more spins. It turns out those employers want you to get experience before they can give you a job that would…well…give you experience. Also, once your student loans come due, you have to pay an additional $2,000 in interest every four spins.

Also, the jobs won’t be that glamorous. The economy just isn’t what it used to be. You’ll get an entry-level job eventually, but promotions will be doled out by chance rather than merit. Raises depend on the job, with most jobs only telling you that you should feel lucky to even be there. All of that will come when you even get a job. Remember, ten spins. For now, enjoy the complimentary unpaid internship that comes standard with every college degree in The Game of Struggle.

The rules of game dictate that non-privileged persons must start out living in an apartment with at least two roommates (one if you don’t live in the city). As a result, you lose $700 in rent every four spins. You can only get a house after getting the proper card, and rolling three ones in a row. Buckle up, it’ll be a while.

So welcome to The Game of Struggle. I know that it probably hasn’t been fun so far, and I don’t suspect it’ll get much better in the near future. But keep your chin up. The lucky few who rolled ten 1s in a row didn’t have anything given to them, right? You can get there if you just believe in your ability to roll ten 1s in a row, and work incredibly hard to do it.


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